New tools from Instagram to prevent harassment

Social Medial Giants Instagram revealed new tools to STOP online harassment, as an effort to provide a “safe environment” for users.

One of the new measures is a warning issued by artificial intelligence software to users who intend to post offensive comments on the platform.

“This intervention gives people the opportunity to think about their comments and cencel them and to prevent the recipient from seeing offensive content,” said Adam Mosseri, director of instagram.

This feature is addressed to a user who may refrain from withdrawing from an account that is bothering him or blocking him, for fear that the situation will worsen.

The users will be able to block actions who can harm them by agreeing to or rejecting their comments.

“They will not be able to track your activity on Instagram or know if you have read direct messages,” Mosseri said.


Abdallah Lbakassi

Abdallah Lbakassi Founder of Darija Web Network, Also an internet webmaster and content manager for some musical bands.