Napoli closer to James Rodriguez signing

Napoli are intensifying their attempts to settle the contract with Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez during this summer Transfer Market.

According to SKY SPORTS ITALIA, the sporting director of Naples, arrived in Madrid, to negotiate with real madrid a possible move to the italian team.

“Jorge Mendes, the agent of James, is also in Madrid, to meet with Napoli’s sporting director and negotiate the deal.”

Napoli Coach Carlo Ancelotti, recently said: “James is a player I know very well, he is very efficient, and unfortunately he is not a player in the ranks of Naples, and may not be, or join us.

“Let’s talk about Him once he joins Napoli, as we do with the rest of the players, because if a coach at another club talks about a Napoli player, I will not be happy.”

The conflict to get the services of James Rodríguez, who was out of Real Madrid’s accounts, has flared between Atletico Madrid and Napoli in recent weeks.


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