Balotelli continues his strange behavior

The naughty Mario Balotelli continues to make trouble wherever he goes, and one time the former Marseille striker celebrates in a crazy way, and the other releases inflammatory statements in all directions.

It seems that the Italian international doesn’t want to stop his “crazy” actions, According to the “Mirror” : the Italian police are expected to question former Olympique Marseille player Mario Balotelli, because of controversial behavior.

Balotelli Entered a challenge with the owner of a small bar in Naples, where the “naughty mario” paid £1800 to the bar owner, in order to drive his motorcycle to the water, wearing only his underwear.

Balotelli filmed the video of the barber jumping to the water and posting it to his own account at Instagram, as more than 1.5 million people watched the video.

The police now want to question Balotelli for this “illegal” behavior, while the owner of the bar joked, that the bike he owns is only worth around £450, making his challenge to Balotelli profitable.

Mario Balotelli, 28yo, has finished his contract with OM. The Italian international is still looking for a team starting next season, while Italian media reports that Parma are interested in the striker.


Abdallah Lbakassi

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