Unknown Hidden Advantages in Youtube

People usually visit YouTube to watch videos and subscribe to their channels to receive notifications about their favorite content, but they may not know much of the benefits of the world’s largest platform for viewing content.

According to “cnet”, one of the features that we do not hear, allows to download 500 songs in the one time, as well as replay the video from a certain moment, and run the translation.

The number of Youtube visitors is close to two billion per month, and in the current era, it is the “alternative” to traditional television channels.

One of the great features is to download 500 songs at a time. This is available through a feature known as smart download. After doing this, you will be able to enjoy these songs, even if you are not connected to Internet.

And If you are a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, this feature may have been available for you for a while. And the site selects the songs you listen to and then downloads during the night, when you connect from the Wi-Fi network.

In a second feature, the video can be played from a certain moment. If you are watching a clip and want to share a scene with your friends, you do not need to explain to them, minute and second, like telling them, start from the second minute and ten seconds.

It’s enough to send them a link, and when they will open, will start automatically, from the moment you wanted, this is very easy and you have only to add this short sentence to the link t=13m20s& This sentence refers to the minute 13 and 20 seconds, Of course You can choose as you wish.

If you like GIFs, you can capture them when you watch the video on YouTube, and you may be very popular on social platforms. This can be done in seconds.

At the beginning of the process, copy the link from which you want to capture the image, paste it into an Internet browser, and add “GIF” to the beginning of the link (as in the picture below). And then you can keep it or share it with friends.

Unknown Hidden Advantages in Youtube 1

If you want to get an explanation of the video or add a written translation, this is also possible. If you want to explain, press “CC” after clicking on the Settings button at the bottom of the video and you will see the current speech in the video displayed on the screen. An icon similar to the operating device at the bottom, then choose the language you want.

Because the radiation from the devices damages the eye, you can turn on the dark theme in the video, To enable it : go to settings, then press “Dark mode”.

If you are a YouTube Premium user, you can take advantage of another unique service, which is to continue watching the video in a small window while doing other things on your phone, which is not available to all YouTube viewers.


Abdallah Lbakassi

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