Earphones and sleep .. A young man pays for the “devastating error” dearly

A young man paid a high price for a common mistake in which many people left the earpiece in his ear during sleep.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail” British, the Taiwanese university student, woke up in the morning and found that one of his ears suffered a deafening.

The unnamed and aged student underwent intensive treatment at a hospital of the University of Asia and was able to recover hearing within five days.

The doctors explained that one of the earbuds “earbuds” occurred from one ear, which saved the young person from hearing loss in the ears, that is, he would be deaf full.

An ear, nose and throat specialist at the hospital, Tian Huijie, warned against leaving the earphones in the ear during sleep and advised those who suffered the condition to undergo treatment as soon as possible before the injury was severe.

Experts say that the dangers of headphones are not limited to use during sleep only, as users should keep the sound at a safe level during the day.

The risk of headphones is to deliver the sound fully to the ear, unlike the traditional speakers that allow the leakage of some of the sound energy to the outside before the arrival of the receiver.