Applications to get rid of your “bad habits”

Although smartphones face charges of negatively affecting people’s lives, some applications can change a person’s life upside down and get rid of bad habits.

The following is a list of some applications that many people depend on to get rid of habits that they consider bad, according to the site “Bobler Science”:

Streaks: This application encourages people to do healthy habits, such as cleaning teeth, eating healthy meals, quitting smoking and arranging the kitchen. The user needs to add the behavior he wants to improve, and the app will cost the rest.

Productive: performs the same “Streaks” service, but adds other options, such as “pause” for a particular behavior, set a specific time of day to behave, and customize special reminders.

HabitHub: The above two applications work on iOS only, and HabitHub is specially designed to work on the Android system. Featured in this application is that it suggests “free” habits that help improve your behavior, and “paid”.

Habitica: This app helps you improve your behavior through good habits, in the form of fun games, to entrench them in your daily life. It also rewards you after your success in the process.

Smoke Free: If you are determined to stay away from cigarettes, this application will achieve your goal. It offers a range of smoking-provoking characteristics, such as: “How much is the last cigarette ?, How is your health improving?” Along with some useful tips. .

Remente: This application encourages users to think positively about their lives, their future and their goals, and suggests ways to achieve them.

Fabulous: Provides articles and useful scientific materials that encourage people to change their bad habits.

Google Fit and Apple Health: Two applications that give you details about the distances you travel daily, and how many calories you’ve burned, to help you keep fit.