Mothers or Fathers…Science reveals who are “the mosting happier”

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A recent study in the United States has asked a question that has long been imposed on parents, especially in difficult moments of life.

The study found that Fathers live happier lives, compared with Mothers, the Washington Post reported.

The University of California analyzed three previous studies involving more than 18 000 people and found that Fathers enjoyed greater maternal well-being.

“One possible explanation in these studies is that Fathers have said they devote a lot of time to playing with their children, unlike their wives.”

The Mothers should play more with their children to enjoy and live a happy life, said Catherine Nelson-Coffey, lead author of the study.

She added that the study found that both parents expressed their great happiness when they “played, talked or sat with their children,” noting that this gives them great psychological comfort and he saves them from the daily troubles of life.

“The secret lies in playing,” Nelson-Covey said. “This provides opportunities for positive feelings and to strengthen the relationship with the child and make him feel happy.”