“The empty planet” .. 2030 “the year of the coup” in the history of our world

All projections indicate that the world’s population, currently estimated at 7.7 billion, is growing and will continue to reach 9 billion by 2050.

The United Nations has long warned of the possibility of a population explosion or a global population crisis so that the Earth’s resources will not suffice for the people living on it.

But an author and a writer do not think it will work out as expected, so the global population crisis is not bad at all. He went so far as to claim that human numbers will begin to decline after three decades, the Daily Mail reported.

In their book, Canadians told journalist John Ibbitson and politician Darrell Bricker that the UN forecast missed the real index in its forecasts.

They said in their book, “Empty Planet,” that population projection models suggest that the world’s population will begin to decline within 30 years.

In their book, the authors cautioned that once this began, the population decline, it would not return or rebound, meaning that there would never be a population increase at all.

According for them, the trend towards urbanization and the expansion of women’s education will lead to a reduction in the number of births, which are clearly visible in the continent of Africa, which is responsible for a large proportion of the population growth assumed in our world.

They looked at population growth in 26 countries to get a better idea of the shape of families around the world, and found that many people now prefer fewer.

United Nations projections are based on a higher average age of women, improved health care, a higher birth rate and lower infant mortality. 

A poll of 50 Nobel Prize-winning scientists in 2017, on the biggest threat to humanity, said 18 of these, or 34 percent, said population growth posed the greatest threat to humanity.

For the Nobel laureates, this threat outweighs other threats such as nuclear war, infectious diseases and others.