Strong Competitiveness on “Moon Lands Ownership”

Recently, signs of a possible crisis between the United States, Russia and other countries, this time around the moon, have emerged amid fierce competition on space.

that Moscow is concerned about “ownership of the moon’s lands”, especially in light of increasing flights to space, to explore new places may be viable,she said The Russian news agency “RIA Novosti”

Ross Cosmos, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences, presented a proposal that space laws should be prepared by specialists.

The two institutions said in a joint statement that “it is necessary to formulate a plan to secure legal security for the interests of Russian Federation, in potential conflicts on land in space.”

In the statement, the two institutions demanded that “the relevant higher educational institutions (the Moscow State University, the Russian University for Friendship between Peoples and others) be appointed to prepare specialists in space law.”

The agency quoted the former director of the Institute of Space Technologies University Friendship, Gennady Raikonov, saying that there is a need to prepare specialists in space law.

Raikkonov said the move “is necessary for two things, the first to respond to traders from the United States and other countries, who tried and will try to sell parts of the moon.”

The second is the “emergence of the issue of investment of natural resources on the moon, and the question is how to respond to these attempts, at a time began to appear several issues were not organized and not settled at the legislative level,” according to Raikonov.