Finally… you can delete messages sent to “Facebook Messenger”

How many times have you sent a message to someone on “Facebook Messenger” and then regretted immediately and tried to scan, in vain? .. Position is exposed to a lot of people, repeated claims to the company to provide this property, and Which has finally done.

Facebook users will now have a 10-minute window to cancel sending any message they want from Messenger, whether sent to one person or to a group, according to Digital Trends.

Facebook announced the activation of this feature to remove messages sent by Messenger, after it made available last year through the service Whatsapp owned by their.

“Did you ever send a message to the inappropriate group of friends, make a typographical mistake, or simply want to pull a message out of a conversation, you are not the only one,” the giant said in a statement.

On how to use the feature, Facebook explained that this can be done by clicking on the message to be undone and then selecting “Remove All”.

Facebook first began offering the feature on a smaller scale last fall, tested by Android users in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania.