Company challenges the phone market for “the largest battery ever”

Energizer, the maker of batteries, has announced its intention to launch a smart phone with a “superhero” battery with a feature lacking to her the smartphones in the market, as well as a folding screen.

The new phone Energizer will contain a huge 18 000 mAh battery, which will be a fundamental solution to a problem Suffers from it many smartphone users.

The leaks revealed that the company will announce the launch of more than one phone during the World Smartphones conference to be held in Barcelona this year, including the phone “Power Max”, “Ultimate”, “Energy” and “Hard Case”.

The leaks indicate that the PowerMax phone Will have a battery capacity of 18 000 mAh, the largest battery ever for a smartphone in the world.

The lower-capacity versions will come with lower-capacity batteries, while the new phones will feature 3 cameras (16 megapixel – 5 megapixel – 2 megapixel ), along with 6 GB random memory and 128 GB of storage.

French company Avignon Telecom is manufacturing Energizer phones, previously selling low-end phones under Energizer’s license, before finally deciding to enter the competition with major companies such as Apple and Samsung.