An amazing picture of the earth from behind the moon

An amateur team was able to take an unusually spectacular picture of the Earth using the Longjiang 2 satellite, which is currently orbiting the moon, according to the British newspaper The Mirror.

Although man may not be able to look directly at the distant side of the moon, from the observation points or the astronomical observatories, even the giant ones, on the earth, but this breathtaking image may be the best for the Earth at all.

The amateur radio team downloaded the image using the Doingilo radio observatory in the Netherlands using a Chinese satellite that captured the beautiful scene of the globe.

The photo was taken on Feb. 3, the latest effort and attempt in cooperation with China’s Harbin University of Technology, which launched two small satellites last spring with the Chinese Kuqiao satellite.

While one of the two satellites was missing, the Chinese satellite continued to work, but temporarily stopped working during the landing of the Chinese Chang’E4 probe on the far side of the moon before it was re-activated again later.

The first opportunity to take a picture of both Earth and Moon was on February 3, said astronomer Cisse Basa, on the Post satellite tracking site. The image was downloaded by the Doingloo Astronomical Observatory on Feb. 4.

This is the first photo of its kind to capture the moon and the earth in one scene together, and come after several attempts that lasted for months.

The team itself had previously managed to take a picture of the Earth but it was too far away, as it showed part of the moon’s surface and not the entire moon.

The satellite is equipped with a wireless transmitter and receiver that allows communication with wireless amateurs on the ground.