With pictures… Her hair reaches the ground and she hasn’t washed it in 20 years

It may be hard for anyone not to wash their hair for a whole week, but there is a British woman who challenged this rule, not only did not wash her hair for 20 years, but did not cut it too.

Frankie said she often wears her long locks in a plait, but insists that having such lengthy hair is actually ‘very low maintenance’ 

Frankie Cluney, 32, an artist from Brighton, southeastern Britain, she has a hair length of about two meters, according to the site “Odetti Central” on Tuesday, Stressing that she just combed it to keep it.

Frankie explained how she doesn’t use any products in her hair, and simply combs it. She hasn’t had it trimmed since the age of 18 

Cluney began to stop cutting her hair at the age of six, and when she was 13 years old, her hair reached her waist, and she hated the use of shampoo and conditioner that were drying before she stopped washing it completely.

Frankie explained how stopped washing her hair aged 13, as she hated it and struggled to get the product out of it 

Cluney suffered in the first few months after she stopped washing her hair from the itchy scalp, and her hair was very fat, but she got rid of all these problems over time.

Cluney said the idea of lengthening her hair and not washing it all this time was the idea of one of her mother’s friends. “People think I’ve taken a lot of time to decorate it, but that’s not true,” Cluney said.

Frankie also explained how she treats her hair as having ‘something to wear’ when she works as a life drawing model 

Cluney said she does not use any products to make her hair more comfortable or stronger. “All I do is just comb it, I do it every day,” she said.

Frankie explained how she’s had long hair ever since an accident with scissors when she was a little girl, which led to a chunk of her hair being cut out 

Cluney uses her hair to shorten her hair and make it easier to move. But it can take from half an hour to an hour, and a friend must help her make it.

Frankie’s mother explained how she let her children to do whatever they wanted with her hair, as she was never allowed to grow her locks out as a child