Warning … Potatoes may “disappear” from markets

A new report warned that the British community may soon notice the “disappearance” of potatoes from the list of foods in his country, if the weather remains the same.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the presence of potatoes in the market depends on the improvement of the air, after the “ruined” bad weather, a group of fruits and vegetables.

Potato production fell by 20 percent last summer, compared to the previous season, as a result of heat and drought, which affected the country.

The Climate Coalition, based in London, warned that rising temperatures due to climate change could harm potato yields in the future, noting that many food products are threatened by climate, including grapes.

Last summer, the UK saw the largest free wave, spreading to many countries of the world, to witness months of drought, precipitation and a sharp rise in temperature.

Given the climate change in the Earth and rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases and others, the impact of any climatic and atmospheric phenomenon will have dire consequences, and is more influential than it was 40 years ago.