“Tsunami car” is an Asian innovation to counter tidal waves

Thailand launched a car designed to drive inside the water for use in areas hit by natural disasters, most notably the tsunami.

According to Fox News, residents of Thailand can buy an electric car that can swim in water to fit areas prone to tsunami.

Japanese engineer Hideo Tsuromaki designed the so-called “The Phantom One”, which began planning the idea in 2011 when his country was hit by a deadly tsunami.

The car, which is similar to the design of a car, “Smart”, a motor and battery fully anti-waterproof, and can launch at a maximum speed of not more than 80 kilometers per hour.

The vehicle can float on the surface of the water and move slowly in the currents, but that may be enough to save its passengers from the tsunami.

The car designers confirmed, it is only for emergency, and does not fit daily use.

The value of the car is about $ 20,000, a high price compared to the prices of cars in Thailand, while designers hope to sell at a discount when deployed in Asia.