Scientists Find “Mother of Cancer Cells”

Scientists at the University of Salford have discovered what they believe to be the cell responsible for all other cancer cells, or the cell of origin that causes all cancers.

According to the researchers, laboratory results showed the cell responsible for cancer, describing their discovery as “someone who finds a needle in a haystack.”

Researchers hope to rewrite the medical history of cancerous growth and believe it could be a major blow to current cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, the Daily Mail reported.

In the laboratory, scientists led by Professor Salford Michael Lizanti conducted tests on two samples of breast cancer and used a luminous dye to isolate the most active cells extracted from the samples.

Scientists noted that a very small fraction of the cells, called “active cancer stem cells,” have more energy than their counterparts, and have the ability to create tumors and widespread proliferation and reproduction very quickly.

It is not yet clear how rogue cells break away from normal cells, but are linked to aging and bring cells closer to death.

“We have to press the reset button, like the computer, to show how cancer patients treat us with drugs,” said Michael Lisante, in the study published in the journal Pathology.

“Scientists talk about cancer as it is caused by dying cells that come back to life or so-called zombie cells. But now we see it is more dramatic than that, and in fact it may be described as ‘escape from prison’ for more accuracy. In other words, the original cell is separated from the general cell line, and then causes disturbance and anarchy. Malignant cells proliferate and produce tumors. “

He warned that some types of chemotherapy may push stem cells to cause more cancer cells and cause the spread of tumors.