NEW York : A sofa at the top of a tree puzzling some passersby

A sofa found on a tree rising from the ground about 10 meters puzzled residents of a neighborhood in New York City.

The New York Post reported that residents of Amstradam Street in the Manhattan Kano neighborhood were surprised by the existence of that huge couch on a tall tree without knowing how it got there.

It was a mysterious mystery, while others thought a strong storm might have been the reason for the flight of that couch before settling on that tree, while another saw it might have fallen from one of the planes, one of the resident said.

But in the end, everyone was afraid that the couch would hit a passerby or the cars, which could cause great harm. “The force of the fall could lead to a car crash and crash,” one of them said.

Later on, the park and garden workers were able to take down that couch, but no one has yet been able to figure out the mystery of its existence 30 feet above the earth’s surface.