Chicken modified genetically .. The result is”eggs to treat cancer”

Scientists believe they have successfully modified chickens genetically, to become able to lay eggs, containing “anti-cancer” drugs.

According to the British newspaper “Metro”, researchers from the Roslyn Institute, University of “Edinburgh” in Scotland have modified the hereditary of the chicken, so that he can lay eggs, containing drugs capable of treating cancer and other diseases.

The researchers claim that new and unprecedented technology can be effective in terms of producing medicines at the lowest cost in the near future.

“Our research has found that the drugs found in genetically modified eggs work just as effectively as the drugs currently in the market.”

Professor Helen Sang explained that several diseases affect humans “only because the body does not naturally produce enough of a particular chemical or protein.”

He added: “The process involves the introduction of a human gene in the process of hybridization of chickens .. Genetically modified chickens can develop eggs help in the manufacture of drugs for arthritis and some cancers, to complement the incomplete protein in the human body.

If the results of the research are confirmed, this process will be able to produce large commercial quantities of eggs, as one hen puts 300 eggs annually without affecting the health.