10 deadly foods we eat every day

With the rapid development of our world today, our food has developed rapidly, both in preparation and in the way of eating, which has contributed significantly the spread of obesity, heart disease and diabetes

Here, we review only 10 foods, among a wide range, that have a serious impact on humans in the medium and long term, and may be “fatal,” according to “Health and Pretty”

Canned baked goods : such as cookies and donuts, are filled with hydrogenated oils, fats that lead to obesity. These baked goods also contain preservatives, large amounts of sugar

Fries : Eating a small amount of fried potatoes, earns the body between 200 and 340 calories. When eaten large amounts of calories may rise to 700 calories. Unless burned by the body, it turns into fat

Ice Cream : Studies and experiments have shown that eating ice cream daily is bad for health, because these foods are high in fat and increase the risk of diabetes.

Cheese : Cheese is subjected to long processing in order to manufacture it, which contributes to change its composition significantly, and most notably these changes raise the level of oils and fats that are not hydrogenated, which are harmful to health

Microwaves Popcorn : The preparation of popcorn inside the microwave becomes dangerous, and harmful for placing inside bags containing some dangerous chemicals, as these bags contain carcinogens

Energy Drinks : Energy drinks contain sucrose, glucose and caffeine with very large quantities, and thus contain a mixture of substances that pose significant harm to human health

Red meat : Red meat is not easily treated by the human digestive system. This meat is also produced in private farms by injecting animals with industrial proteins that contribute to their rapid growth, making them a source of danger to humans


Abdallah Lbakassi

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