A “revolutionary” mosquito control solution saves millions of lives

A group of scientists has approached a “revolutionary” solution to fight mosquito bites for humans, promising to put an end to diseases spread through the harmful in this insect.

According to CNN, scientists found that the drugs humans use for dieting can lose the appetite of female mosquitoes to get human blood.

The study, which is still in her early stages, that such drugs modify hormones female mosquitoes, making them feel “full”, To keep away from human bites to get blood.

A team of researchers at the Rockefeller Group in New York successfully introduced a drug that had “appetite suppressant” chemicals to female mosquitoes and they noted its amazing results.

But CNN did not mention how the drug was introduced into the body of mosquitoes.

The experiment succeeded in excluding females who rely on human blood for get the protein needed to form and lay eggs, about attack humans.

Mosquito-borne diseases kill millions of people every year, most notably zika, yellow fever and dengue fever, although only females Are the ones that bite.