The story of the “Screw” that embarrassed Apple and proved “the failure of the Americans”

Since US President Donald Trump came to power, focusing on his desire to develop the US industry and return the “Made in the US” to the country’s most important products, including Apple’s manufacturing equipment in China.

But a New York Times report ruled out the release of Apple products, including 100 percent American-made iPhones in the near future, citing the very small screw story that puzzled the United States years ago, The fact that it is difficult to dispense with the Chinese worker.

In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the new MacBook Pro laptop would be Apple’s first fully manufactured device in the United States in years, but that was not for a simple reason.

The New York Times, quoting people who worked on the project and refused to disclose their identities, that “Apple” was then difficult to obtain sufficient supplies of very small Prague of special specifications, used in the compilation of these computers.

Apple was dependent on factories in China, which can provide huge quantities of these screws in a short time, which was unable to suppliers at the headquarters of the American assembly in Texas from his career,
the newspaper said.

As a result, the new versions, and thus sales, of the same computer for several months have been disrupted by the inability of the US supplier on which Apple relied to produce enough screws at a rate of more than 1,000 screws per day.

In the end the company was forced to import Prague from China, and began to assemble the device on a large scale.

Apple concluded that no country could compete with China in manufacturing, in terms of combining staff skill, infrastructure, production volume and cost.