Woman Sneezes Out A Ring She Has Lost 12 Years Earlier

A woman searched for her favorite ring for 12 years after she lost it, recently finding it in a very strange way, in a place that “never comes to mind.”

Cosmetician Abigail Thompson, from West Yorkshire, Britain, lost the ring, a gift from her mother on her eighth birthday.

British media reported that the 20-year-old woman noticed something coming out of her nose after she had a severe sneeze at her home, later to become the ring she lost in 2007.

Woman Sneezes Out A Ring She Had Lost 12 Years Earlier
The 20-year-old had lost the ring on her eighth birthday in 2007. Credit: Triangle News

Thompson discovered the ring in the mucus that came out of her nose, according to the “Daily Mail”, “Sun” and “Mirror” newspapers.

She later concluded that the ring may have stuck in her nose “while she was cleaning her nose with her finger.”

Thompson had assumed that the ring had been stolen a few months after she got it, but now she said: “It was not even a million years later that I thought the ring was stuck in my nose.”

Woman Sneezes Out A Ring She Has Lost 12 Years Earlier
Abigail and her mum thought the ring had been stolen and were stunned when it flew out of her nose. Credit: Triangle News

On the matter, plastic surgeon Naveen Cavalli said such a thing was common, saying he was “not surprised” by the situation and that the story was normal.

The doctor explained that many people find some small games or beads in the nose, in this case, with age grows the nose, so the area inside the larger than the ring, came out by sneezing.