Launch your reply feature in WhatsApp groups .. How do you use it?

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, continues to add new features to the messaging application, which is used by more than 1.5 billion subscribers per month.

The latest features, which began to reach WhatsApp users on iOS systems for Apple devices, and Android developed by Google, allow “private reply” to messages in groups.

A subscriber in a WhatsApp group may need to respond to a message from a member of the group in particular, without the other members seeing his response, and for that purpose the new feature is launched.

When the user wants to do so, just click on the message that he wants to reply specifically within the group, and select “Reply Privately” any response in particular.

When you click this option, the box for writing the message appears, and when you type and send it, WhatsApp sends the reply to the original message specifically to that person.

The answer feature is very special, sending a message directly to someone, but the difference here is that the reply is attached to the original message that reached all the group subscribers.