Internet browser “Halal” .. Know the most popular services

A Malaysian startup launched a “Halal” web browser called “Salam Web” to target Muslim users around the world.

Salam Web is a browser for phones and computers, offering services such as messaging and news, Bloomberg quoted Hasni Zarina Mohammed, director of Salam Web Technologies, the developer of the browser.

Zarina hopes her browser will attract 10 percent of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslim population.

“We want to make the Internet a better place, we know that the Internet provides good and bad content, and here comes the role of our browser, which gives the user a tool that makes him see only the useful side.”

The browser supports filters to categorize web pages as inappropriate, or neutral, warning users if they are mistakenly opened for gambling or pornographic sites.

Other services provided by the browser include the display of prayer times and reminders, and an indication of Qibla direction at prayer.