World on date with the first phone “without buttons or ports”

China’s consumer electronics company Meizu has not only succeeded in pursuing the Apple approach but has also been able to overcome it and produce the world’s first “no ports” phone.

Apple had shocked the world, when abandoned the port of the speakers, but the Chinese technology company decided to storm the competition and abandon all outlets “openings” in the new phone “Zero”, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” .

Meizu announced that the new Phot ‘Zero’ doesn’t have a charging port, a headset port, or a buzzer at all.

This means that the phone also does not have a SIM card slot, in addition to having no power button or home button or audio buttons.

“This phone is the first in the world without buttons,” the company said in an official publication.

The device has a 5.99 “AMOLED screen, features a sleek and a stylish design.

“Zero” is being introduced only in China , but it is unknown when the phone will be launched in US markets, or how much it will cost.


Abdallah Lbakassi

Abdallah Lbakassi Founder of Darija Web Network, Also an internet webmaster and content manager for some musical bands.