How your iPhone could save your life?

After years of iPhone operating system updates have been dependent solely on technological developments, the next update will provide an “environmental” feature that can sustain human life.

IOS 12.2 has been launched for application developers only at the moment and is expected to be available to all users soon, with a number of unprecedented features.

The new operating system can provide the user with air quality information at a location, helping to avoid the most polluted areas.

This feature provides an accurate picture of contamination across a scale of 0 (best) and 500 (worst).

The unhealthy level of pollution ranges from 151 to 200 points, while the “disturbing” level is between 201 and 300, while the level swinging between 301 and 500 points is in the critical situation.

When a degree of serious pollution is recorded, the user must avoid outside areas or exposure to unfiltered air.