The 5 simple Breathing Techniques for Sleep

Many people find it difficult to sleep at night with increased daily stress, and specialists recommend breathing techniques as a solution to help eliminate insomnia.

1. 4-7-8 breathing technique 

The steps of this technique are to open the mouth slowly, and then exhaled, and combine the lips during inhalation of air from the nose for 4 seconds. Then hold yourself for 7 seconds and take out the air within 8 seconds. Repeat the process for 4 times when you first start. Eventually work up to 8 repetitions..

2. Bhramari pranayama breathing exercise 

Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out, and Cover your ears with your hands.Then Place your index fingers one each above your eyebrows and the rest of your fingers over your eyes, gently press the ends of the nose, keep your mouth closed and breathe slowly from your nose. Repeat the same process for 5 times, to feel relaxed and sleepy.

3. Diaphragmatic breathing exercise 

Lie on your back and either bend your knees over a pillow or sit in a chair, Place one hand flat against your chest and the other on your stomach, Take slow, deep breaths through your nose, keeping the hand on your chest still as the hand on your stomach rises and falls with your breaths.Then breath slowly through pursed lips, and try to breathe without moving your chest.

4. Box breathing 

Sit with your back straight, breathe in, and then try to push all the air out of your lungs as you exhale.Breathe slowly from your nose and count up to four, fill your lungs with air every second, keep your breath for four seconds, and then release the oxygen out of your mouth.

5. Kapalbhati breathing exercise 

This technique breathes deeply from the nose while providing a refreshing scent in place. Boat between your lips as if you want to extinguish something by blowing it, and exhale three times in a slow way, and repeat the process until you feel sleepy.