Facebook users rent their accounts .. and the results are catastrophic

A media report revealed that thousands of users are renting their accounts on the popular social networking site “Facebook” for financial gain, without realizing the risks surrounding it.

According to the site “BUZZFEED” the US, that companies that are prohibited by the site “Facebook” to publish ads because of irregularities, found a new way to circumvent it.

Information security researcher John Amirezfny said there were thousands of users involved in advertising plans for banned companies in exchange for laptops or cash.

He added that once the user leases his account, until the latter begins to create a page on “Facebook” and begins to publish ads on the site.

But he stressed the seriousness of the matter, as the user of this behavior displays his personal data published on the site for theft and exploitation.

If Facebook is able to find out that an account has been rented out to a company and quickly closed it, the company relies on other users, according to the US site.

In response to this report, the social networking giant confirmed that he was aware of the matter and was working to combat it.

“Giving anyone else access to your account on our site can not only violate your information, it also violates our terms and can lead to the suspension of your account,” said Rob Leithrin, a Facebook official.