NASA unveils plan to prevent asteroid collision on Earth

Scientists are constantly warning of the danger of asteroids that might rush to Earth, where there are no defensive devices yet to detect the evil of those objects that could have catastrophic consequences.

The black image seems to be heading for change. The US space agency NASA has approved the DART project, which aims to change the orbit of an asteroid that is heading toward Earth by October 2022.

According to “Business Insider”, the asteroid, known as the “Didi Moon”, is a 150-meter long asteroid orbiting around another 800-meter asteroid, about one kilometer away.

DART will Function when it is launched with a solar charge system, where it collides with the asteroid.

The vehicle will be accompanied by another European Space Agency (ESA) named “Hera”, which will collect information on the Didi Moon, which will not be on site when a collision occurs.

The DART, NASA’s first mission to adopt what is known as the “kinetic lightning” technology, which adopts the concept of striking the asteroid to change course, according to the officer at the headquarters of “NASA” in Washington, Lindley Johnson in a statement.

According to the scenario set by the space agency, the vehicle, which weighs half a ton, will hit the asteroid at speeds of up to 6 kilometers per second, changing the course of the asteroid by about 0.4 millimeters per second.