Discovery of A prehistoric shark with space teeths

Scientists have uncovered interesting information from the remains of a prehistoric shark that lived in the waters of South Dakota.

The shark, which lived 67 million years ago and weighed more than two tons, had a space-like tooth, scientists said.

Scientists pointed out that the prehistoric shark in the Dakota rivers resembles the current type of sharks, that is, those living in the bottom of the river, which lies prey on the floor of the oceans, as reported by the newspaper “Independent” British.

It is not clear whether this shark has any contact of any kind with the dinosaurs that were living in the area.

Teeth of the Galagadon Nordkwisti, similar to the spacecraft

The scientists called the shark the name “Galagadon Nordkvist“, and derived the name from the name of the video game Galaga, which spread in the eighties of the last century, because of the similarity between the teeth of this shark with the spacecraft in that game.

“These shark teeth were good for catching small fish or smashing river snails,” said Terry Gates, a scientist at the University of North Carolina.