Beware .. 9 destructive apps devour your phone battery

Technology experts have warned users of Android-powered smartphones from 9 “harmful” applications, whose use would drain the phone’s battery.

these dangerous applications, has been loaded millions of times on Android devices, and caused the emergence of unwanted ads, as well as their role in damaging batteries

As several complaints spread over the nine applications, they were deleted from the Google Play store, but they still exist on phones that have already been fixed

Information security researcher Lucas Stefanco was quoted by the Sun newspaper as saying the nine applications were “hiding unwanted codes.”

Stefano pointed out that all these applications : turn the phone to a remote control “remote control” of the TV or air conditioner, which excites users to download them

But their harmful effects appear very fast with frequent ad impressions and rapid depletion of battery power

The nine applications carry similar names:

  • Remote control for TV and home
  • electronicsRemote for television for free
  • Air conditioner remote control
  • TV remote controlling
  • Remote for air conditioner
  • Remote control for the car (prank)
  • Universal TV remote controller
  • TV remote controller
  • Remote control

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