Amazing pics show Divers swim with one of biggest white sharks off Hawaii

Incredible pictures of one of the world’s largest great white sharks, nicknamed Deep Blue, have been shared following an encounter with brave divers.

What is believed to be the largest great white shark caught on film, nicknamed Deep Blue, has been spotted off the coast of Hawaii for the first time in years.

The shark, nearly 20ft (6m) long and weighing an estimated 2.5 tonnes, is believed to be one tagged by researchers about 20 years ago called Deep Blue.

Deep Blue, who was later identified by marine biologists, is thought to have last been seen off the coast of Mexico in 2013

One of the divers, Ocean Ramsey, told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that they had been filming tiger sharks feeding on the whale when the shark arrived.

“We saw a few tigers and then she came up and all the other sharks split, and she started brushing up against the boat,” she said.

“She was just this big beautiful gentle giant wanting to use our boat as a scratching post. We went out at sunrise, and she stayed with us pretty much throughout the day.”

Source : AFP

Hawaii state officials issued a warning to recreational divers and snorkellers to stay out of the water near the dead sperm whale amid reports some people had climbed on to the carcass to take its teeth as souvenirs

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said in a statement on Wednesday that the decomposing whale carcass had drifted to about 13 kilometres south of Pearl Harbor after being towed 24 kilometres offshore days earlier.

Ms Ramsey said the shark was “shockingly wide” and could be pregnant. Deep Blue is believed to be about 50 years old and has its own Twitter account

Great whites are rarely seen around Hawaii as they prefer cooler seas.

The shark got her name from Discovery Channel diver Mauricio Hoyos Padilla who swam with her on a 2015 documentary and was filmed reaching his hands out of a metal cage to touch her fin

Hawaii waters are usually too warm for great whites compared with California’s Pacific coast, where they feed on sea lions and elephant seals, Ms Ramsey said. She estimated this shark was more than six metres long and 2.4 metres across

The giant white might have headed to Hawaii because of hunger and a need for extra nutrients in pregnancy, Ms Ramsey added.

Deep Blue is believed to be among the largest great whites in the world and is thought to have roamed the ocean for up to five decades

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