Google Search Hidden Tricks & Tips

We all go to The Famous Browser Google to look for some information or make sure about a doubtful truth, but we may not take advantage of the many services provided by this revolutionary platform

Famous Newspaper USA Today introduced a list of several things that can be done in “Google” instead of simple searches from time to time

In the first feature, Google offers advanced search. For example, you can search for things that have been published in a particular month of a year. The researcher can also determine the language, and this feature helps to show more useful results

For Example : If you are looking for an image, you are able to specify the size of the image you want along with other subtle aspects such as colors and intellectual property rights

If you want to give up these attributes, you can add the + sign before and after the most important word in the sentence, If you want to search for a word on a social platform, the user must add an @ or a # tag to search for tags. If you do not know a word, place a star in it

If you’ve ever seen the weather bulletin, Google is getting better. Once you write the weather in Paris (for example), the engine will display detailed information about it in the French capital during the day of the search and the days ahead

When you make a reservation via your email in Google, it will remind you of important dates, such as telling you when the planes come to the airport, but don’t worry, as long as it’s a personal account, Google displays these things only to you without sharing them

Because the calculator may look boring and research in math books may be difficult, the person interested in the accounting can simply look for solutions, and you can also know the exchange rates accurately

In addition, Google provides translation services among the world’s most popular languages, and although accurate results are not provided by 100 percent, this feature facilitates communication significantly. Most Taxi drivers in some tourist countries uses this service to communicate with their customers